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Rabeinu Harav Simcha Ashlag shlita - The Current Admor

The Current Ashlag Admor shlita, Rebbe Simcha Halevi Ashlag, was born to the previous Ashlag Admor, Rebbe Shlomo Binyamin ztzl and his wife, Marat Ahuva Liba, in 5708. As a child, he was close to his holy grandfather, the renowned Baal Hasulam, who saw in him great promise and told him to commence study of the Zohar together with his other studies at the age of 13.
The grandchild was one of the few privileged to be at the side of the Baal Hasulam side when his soul departed from this world on Erev Yom Kippur 5715.
On reaching barmitzva, Rebbe Simcha commenced study of kabala, and by the age of 17, with the blessing of his father, lectured publicly on the subject. Rabeinu went on to become the Rosh Kollel of Ashlag Institutions and trained many distinguished students to become rabbis and dayanim. Rabeinu was then appointed Rabbi of Moshav Beit Gamliel, succeeded in turning it into a center of Torah and moshavniks from the area around would daily come to Beit Gamliel to attend Rebbe Simchas lectures.

With the demise of the previous Admor, the latters followers insisted that Rebbe Simcha succeed in his place.
Today, as current Admor, Rebbe Simcha receives callers from all over the world in quest of advice and blessing. His father trained him in reading kvittlach and the principles of ketuba writing. In the page on the Ashlag Halachically Correct Ketuba Foundation, we explain how Rabeinu brought the issue of low standards in ketuba-writing to the attention of Torah leaders and was commissioned by them to campaign against this.
Rabeinu has published a number of works for the lay and the learned on such subjects as the importance of studying kabala, the importance of reciting Tehilim and kindling candles on Shabbat, Yomtov and other occasions. He also adapted the popular book of daily study, Chok Yisroel, to include the Sulam commentary on the Zohar.
Rabeinu does not take any personal advantage of the funds donated in support of the community activities of Ashlag Institutions and derives income only from private endeavors such as performing shechita, circumcisions, writing and inspecting Sifrei Torah, mezuzot, etc.

Rabeinu lectures all over the world on the study of Kabala. He is known to tens of thousands of Jews as one who has a listening ear and warm smile for all and is a source of encouragement, inspiration, advice and blessing.

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